Patient Access to Cancer care Excellence

A Global Vision

Faster steps forward: towards cures for cancer and access to best treatment and care for individual patients.

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Achieving Patient-Centered Policies

PACE supports policy decisions that speed the development of new medicines and improve patient access to the most effective cancer treatments.

Progress in cancer care does not happen in a vacuum.

Public policy and health care decisions influence how new medicines are discovered, regulated, and accessed by patients. We created PACE to encourage the policy decisions that would build on our deep scientific understanding of cancer and ensure that cancer continues to be a priority for our society and our public health, with the patient at the center of it all. We want to empower you to have a voice in the policy decisions that impact patient access to cancer care and the innovation that leads to further progress in cancer cures and treatments.

Continuous Innovation

Much of the progress against cancer has been built on continuous innovation, step-by-step advances that have transformed the way we treat many types of cancer. To sustain and accelerate this momentum, we need policies that support continuous innovation--but first, we need to better understand the progress that has occurred and what gaps need to be filled.


Value of Innovation

How do you define the value of a cancer treatment? Recent conversations in the cancer community have brought this question to the forefront, and the discussion reignites each time a new and exciting cancer medicine becomes available to patients.