Patient Access to Cancer care Excellence

A Global Vision

Faster steps forward: towards cures for cancer and access to best treatment and care for individual patients.

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Advocating for Change

PACE believes that patients should be at the heart of all decisions affecting their treatment and care.

Successful advocacy is a collaboration, and PACE USA is proud to partner with patient advocacy initiatives, professional groups, research organizations, and policymakers nationwide. Our shared vision is to create an environment that has the patient at the center of all decisions about cancer care and that recognizes that each step forward can have important benefits for patients today and for the future of cancer treatment.

Working together, we identify issues central to cancer care and innovation and promote health care decisions that improve access to treatments while helping to ensure the patient voice is heard and respected.

With our partners, we strive to:

  • Empower patients to engage in the health care system helping to ensure that their individual voice and needs are heard;
  • Advocate for policies that encourage patient access to high-quality cancer care across the entire continuum of care;
  • Advocate for a positive regulatory environment that recognizes that every incremental advance in the treatment of cancer is important to the patients it helps;
  • Promote timely patient access to innovative cancer medicines and treatments.


If your organization is interested in partnering with PACE, please contact Cheryl Davis for more information. Or, you can take action right now by signing up for PACE email updates.

"A great opportunity to talk to specialists and really understand the medicine evaluation process." Workshop Participant
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Cheryl Davis

Director of Medical Oncology Advocacy and Professional Relations at Eli Lilly

Cheryl Davis is the Director of Medical Oncology Advocacy and Professional Relations at Eli Lilly. She is responsible for developing and maintaining strong business relationships with professional and patient organizations that are aligned with the Lilly Oncology Medical and Research and Development objectives. Cheryl’s mission is to ensure the patient’s voice is central throughout the oncology research and development process.

Cheryl has over twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She began her career in cancer research and development and then followed one of her molecules to patient safety and regulatory affairs, where she remained for over ten years. Cheryl’s passion for regulatory reform through the development of collaborative relationships brought her into International Corporate and Government affairs for the past five years. She feels her current role in Advocacy and Professional Relations in Oncology is a perfect opportunity to combine her passions for representing the patient and accelerating step-wise progress in cancer care innovation.