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The Value Of Innovation

How do you define the value of a cancer treatment?

The discussion reignites each time a new cancer medicine becomes available to patients. In practice, assessing the value of cancer medicine must include many factors, including:

  • Clinical benefits, such as better overall health outcomes, providing treatments for patients who previously had no treatment options, or fewer adverse side effects.
  • Economic gains, such as a reduction in the use and costs of other health care services, and improvements in health that contribute to economic productivity.
  • Lifestyle improvements, such as a better quality of life and well-being and a positive impact on caregivers.

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President Nixon signing the National Cancer Act

Above all, our definition of value must reflect the preferences and beliefs of cancer patients, for whom each treatment choice has a profound implication on health and quality of life.

Since President Nixon declared the war against cancer nearly 40 years ago, we’ve seen great progress against cancer: overall cancer mortality rates have decreased by 20%. To continue this progress, public policies must foster research and discovery, reflect patient preferences, and recognize the value of continuous innovation for cancer patients.


2014 ACCC Meeting
Patients Define the Value in Cancer Care
Defining value in cancer care is complex, but one thing is clear: our definition must center on patient needs and priorities.
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In Cancer Care, Where do Cost and Innovation Meet?
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How does the cancer community define value?
How does the cancer community define value?
Every group measures value differently, and while each definition is valid, no single definition tells the whole story.
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Introducing eMEET
eMEET (Medicine Evaluation Educational Training) is an online interactive training program designed to help patient advocates navigate through the complex world of medicine development, evaluation and assessment.
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Tackling the Complexities of Cancer Research
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Pathway to Progress
What does it take to bring a new cancer medicine to patients?